Early reviews

‘A must-read guide for all aspiring COOs. Packed with practical insights and based on real life experiences, it gives a clear and powerful road map for this transformational organizational role’

Justin Forsyth, Deputy Executive Director, UNICEF   

  ‘It is rare for a single book to command such breadth of expertise, practical insight and advice that is so easy to put into action. This is a consequence of the superb clarity of Jennifer’s writing, and the fact that she has earned her expertise – and the scars that come with it – from working on the business end of the stick for over twenty years.’ 

Mark Waddington, CEO, Hope and Homes for Children  

‘This book takes one of the most frameless and unstructured roles in business today, and using personal experiences seeks to help others to demystify the role and deliver insight on how to be effective and successful. Insightful and extensive, a book I would have loved to have access to when I was starting out in my career.’ 

Pam Murphy, COO, Infor

‘An impressive read. De-codes the very tricky role of COO and inspires you on how to be a great one’ 

Niamh O’Keeffe, Author of “Your First 100 days” and founder of CEO Assist

‘The role of COO is a balancing act, and requires multiple hard and soft skills. This nifty handbook provides a shortcut to understand the critical skills required, and is filled with nuggets of practical and accessible advice.’ 

Sinead Mahon, Banking COO  


‘Crisply written, clear and to the point’ 

Ben Brabyn, CEO, Level 39

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